• Artist Management
  • Co-Management different Territories
  • A+R, Marketing, Exploitation worldwide
  • Executive Album Production
  • Consultancy The Voice of Germany, Warner Music ( 2 years International Robin Schulz) , Projektmanagement MTV Unplugged/Sony Music
  • 11 years at Sony Music Europe and Sony Music GSA in different positions (Senior Director Continental European Repertoire, International Exploitation GSA)
  • Head of the Domestic Department Sony Music Germany in Berlin (GSA Coordination, Label + and Distributionsdeals)

References 2011-2021

Left Boy, Ferdinand, Christophe Willem, Andre Heller, Guy Sebastian,Robin Schulz,Paul van Dyk, Joy Denalane, Flynn, Kean Farrar, Daniel Donskoy, Tony Christie

Selection of artists 2000 – 2011

Involvement A+R/Production

  • GAROU (Canada) – french canadian; english album “Piece of My Soul”
  • Christophe Willem (France) – executive production first english album
  • Tata Young (Thailand) – production of european album
  • Freshlyground (SA) – production international album
  • Outlandish (DK), Natalia (BE)

European Artist development

  • Maria Mena (NOR) – several Gold awards in GSA; Gold and Platinum in Holland
  • Madcon (NOR) “Beggin” – whole european release coordination
  • Marit Larsen (NOR) – exploitation, securing the ww rights ex GSA and Scandic, releases in the US; Argentina, Mexico, Brasil and the UK
  • Steve Appleton (UK) – brand cooperation with Smart Cars
  • Nneka (GER) – key releases in France, US, UK
  • Christian Walz (SE), Giusy Ferreri (IT), Kashmir (DK), Aura (DK), The Ditch (BE), Destine (NL) etc.

Domestic Artists GSA – Marketing Responsibility + Label Coordination

Die Fantastischen Vier, Joy Denalane, Annett Louisan,Naturally 7, Stefan Gwildis, Michael Mittermeier, Gentleman, Zeichen der Zeit, Brothers Keepers, Four Music, X-Cell Records, Kosmo, Pirate Records, BATB Mannheim, 105 Music, 3P, JKP, Festplatte, Chet Records

International Exploitation GSA

Scorpions, Within Temptation, Helloween, Krokus, Joy Denalane, Gentleman, Aloha from Hell, Miss Platnum, The Hives, Nneka, Schnuffel, DUNE